Today’s Professionals

Today's Professionals

Connect. Learn. Grow.

No Dues!
No Fundraising!
No Minimum Attendance Requirement
This is All for Fun!

Our Mission:

To provide opportunities to engage & empower individuals/groups through community social events.

Our Goals:

  • Improve networking skills and expand contact bases
  • Acquire knowledge of the area’s businesses
  • Enhance the quality of life for our members and others
  • Promote our members and their businesses
  • Retain professionals in the Rusk County area
  • Share ambitions to grow, succeed and influence

Who are ‘Today’s Professionals?’

We are a social network group striving to provide a networking opportunity for individuals and groups in our community. Our goal is to provide social experiences and opportunities to make connections on both a personal and professional level. We also provide learning opportunities for Today’s Professionals in a social networking atmosphere.

There is no age limit and there is no profession that does not qualify.