Chamber Membership Dues: 20 – 50 Full Time Employees $225.00




Greater Ladysmith Area Chamber of Commerce Dues Statement

Please pay the amount that corresponds to your number of employees

2 (two) part-time employees equal 1 (one) full-time employee


Chamber Dues Schedule

1 – 2 Full Time Employees:                $55.00

3 – 9 Full Time Employees:                $80.00

10 – 19 Full Time Employees:            $160.00

***20 – 50 Full Time Employees:            $225.00***

51 – 75 Full Time Employees :           $350.00

76 or more Full Time Employees:       $450.00


Multiple Business Rate            $50.00

This rate applies to each additional business that you own/operate.  You must have an existing business membership in order to qualify for this rate.


Affiliate Membership              $55.00 

This rate applies to any non-profit public entity with paid staff/employees.


Associate Membership            $55.00 

This rate applies to non business-related organizations such as Clubs, Groups, and Non-Profit Organizations
that are 100% volunteer driven.


Friend of the Chamber            $25.00

This rate applies to individuals who do not own/operate a business but would like to be a member of the Greater Ladysmith Area Chamber of Commerce.  If you are a self-employed or seasonal business owner, this rate does not apply to you.  *Home based business is under 1-2 or 3-9 full-time employees.


Pro-rated Membership – This rate applies only to NEW MEMBERSHIPS

This rate does not apply to non-renewing members from the prior year.  New memberships that join the Chamber after July 1st, the rate would be one-half of the yearly rate in the category you fall under.  If your business joins the Chamber after Oct. 1st, the rate would be the full rate for the upcoming year and would include the remainder of the current year.