The GLACC is organized to promote Ladysmith and Rusk County and to advance the general welfare and prosperity of the area so that its citizens and business community shall prosper.

A dedicated membership makes the mission of the GLACC possible. Members can be any individual, association, corporation, non-profit organization, club, partnership, or church having an interest in the objectives of the GLACC.

Who manages your investment?

The Greater Ladysmith Area Chamber of Commerce serves to represent the interests of its members in Rusk County. As such, the GLACC seeks out representation from the major communities in Rusk County to serve as Officers and Directors.

Office Staff:
Joni Hall, Membership Coordinator
Whitney Trott, Office Manager


Executive Board

Chamber Officers for 2018:
President: Dr. Robert Lecheler
Vice-President: Jessica Bingham
Treasurer: Sara Baker
Secretary: Roxie Kemmitz
Ex-Officio: Andy Albarado, Rusk County Representative

Chamber Directors for 2018:
Blake Doud
Katie Matott
Missy Kroening
Jason Rafko
Jenny Hengst


Membership Committee
Joni Hall, Katie Matott, Jessica Bingham, Whitney Trott

Education Committee
Sara Baker, Andy Albarado, Bob Lecheler, Jason Rafko, Whitney Trott

Website Committee
Joni Hall, Andy Albarado, Jason Rafko, Whitney Trott

  • Nominating Committee
    Chamber Board


Arts & Crafts Committee
Whitney Trott, Katie Matott, Roxie Kemmitz, Jenny Hengst

Festival Committee

Whitney Trott , Blake Doud , Katie Matott, Jenny Hengst

Leaf it to Rusk Committee
Missy Kroening, Roxie Kemmitz, Sara Baker, Whitney Trott

Community Awards Committee
Whitney Trott, Bob Lecheler, Blake Doud, Jessica Bingham, Jenny Hengst

Farm, Home, Garden & Sport Show Committee
Whitney Trott, Joni Hall, Bob Lecheler, Missy Kroening

If you wish to serve on any of these committees or have any questions, please feel free to contact the Chamber office. Some committees will meet outside of scheduled monthly meeting times or only as deemed necessary by the committee.